Zachary Kessler – Woodmere, NY

Shoulder/Labrum Tear

I first saw Dr. Marx in 2011 after seeing several other doctors for my shoulder problem. Dr. Marx was kind and warm and is everything one can ask from a doctor. Dr. Marx reviewed my MRI and saw that I completely tore my shoulder labrum and it was severed from the bone. Not being able to use of my right arm, Dr. Marx preformed the surgery and it was success! It was a long and hard recovery but Dr. Marx was there every step of the way for any questions or concerns I had. Three years later I injured my knee and Dr. Marx was the first one I called. Dr. Marx took every step into not rushing me into surgery, which I liked but after months of pain Dr. Marx did the surgery and again was a success! Dr. Marx is one of the nicest and caring doctors I’ve ever met and is always there for his patients. I recommend him to everyone!

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