Gary Elsner – FORT LEE, NJ

Rotator Cuff Injury/Condition

I came to see Dr. Marx for a second opinion after the first surgeon I met with told me I needed Rotator Cuff surgery. Dr. Marx look at film and examined me and told me “it was 50/50 that I need surgery but before moving forward, he prescribed physical therapy and then a return visit for a follow-up evaluation.

I worked hard over the next six weeks both with formal therapy sessions and private workouts on days I didn’t have therapy sessions. After six weeks I returned to Dr. Marx and he told me to “go have fun and that I didn’t need surgery.” To this day, some three years later, I still do shoulder exercises 3 times a week and swim several miles a week without problem.

My tennis game is better than ever – especially my serve. I have referred several people to Dr Marx as I was highly impressed that a surgeon was willing to try and help me avoid surgery and move forward as I did.

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