John Turner – Ridgefield, CT
Shoulder Injury/Condition
My three sons and I went through 5 surgeries between November 2014 and April 2016. It was a difficult time for our family but I have no…Read More
Andrea Wolkenberg – New York, NY
Torn Meniscus
For two years I had intermittent left knee pain with occasional locking such that I could not fully flex it. I am a concierge home care physical therapist who… Read More
Justin D. – Orange County, NY
Torn Meniscus
I got injured while playing soccer. I had a left lateral meniscus tear. It was a very scary and painful moment. Dr. Marx performed surgery in October 2018, and reassured me that…Read More
Amanda Borges – Marlboro, NJ
ACL Injury
I am an Alum NCAA Division II volleyball player from the northeast region. On October 13, 2014, my sophomore year of college and my second year on a collegiate volleyball team, I tore my ACL…Read More
Courtney D. – Old Bridge, NJ
Hip Impingement Torn Meniscus
During my senior year of HS I tore my ACL and had a bucket meniscus injury. Dr. Marx and his staff were amazing. The surgery went great and they… Read More
Jacob Fridakis – Briarcliff Manor, NY
Hip Impingement Torn Meniscus
Making the varsity soccer team as the only freshman during the fall of 2015 was one of my proudest accomplishments. I would go on to contribute to my team… Read More
Jon Chananie – Brooklyn, NY
ACL Injury
Karate has been a hobby since I was a kid, and I was lucky to go a long time without major injuries. But last year, I was on the wrong end of a take down and … Read More
James Falzone – New York, NY
ACL Injury
I visited HSS when I needed help recovering from an ACL reconstruction and a neck injury, too. Little did I know that I would be put in such good hands. Dr. Marx … Read More
Zachary Kessler – Woodmere, NY
Shoulder/Labrum Tear
I first saw Dr. Marx in 2011 after seeing several other doctors for my shoulder problem. Dr. Marx was kind and warm and is everything one can ask from a doctor … Read More
Cristina Genna – Allentown, PA
Shoulder Injury/Condition
Thanks to Dr. Robert Marx, Jessica Hettler, and HSS, I was able to fulfill my dream of playing for the New York Yankees. Yes, you read that correctly. Read More
Joel Ruegg – New York, NY
ACL Injury
Dr. Marx is an absolute stud!!! I had a very positive experience and was very impressed with Dr. Marx and the staff at HSS! At first I was pretty hesitant about … Read More
Dylan Ryder – Dix HIlls, NY
ACL Injury
My name is Dylan Ryder and I tore my ACL in August 2014. I had surgery with Dr. Marx on November 2014. I am currently a high school varsity wrestler in 10 grade. Read More
Rick Gambuti – Oak Ridge, NJ
ACL Injury
I was a senior in high school when I unfortunately tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus. This injury devastated me and I thought that I would never be able to play a sport again … Read More
Joe Furgiuele – Yonkers, NY
Rotator Cuff Injury/Condition
About six years ago, I injured my left shoulder – in all likelihood from a combination of misuse and overuse, and further exacerbated the injury after a shot of cortisone … Read More
William Bieber – Thiells, NY
Biceps Rupture/Tear
Prior to November 2013 I suffered from severe shoulder pain (left) for over 20 years due to a rotator cuff injury. On November 17, 2013 while lifting weight I ruptured … Read More
Lauren Mirabelli – Lumberton, NJ
ACL Injury
In 2010, I was the starting varsity midfielder for my high school soccer team, star javelin thrower for track, and was in the best shape of my life. My plan was to … Read More
Emma & Daniel Johnston – Pelham Manor, NY
ACL Injury
2015 proved challenging for the Johnston kids. Emma, a distance-running high school sophomore was in full college recruiting while she raced with her spring track … Read More
Kathryn Corsico – Woodbury, CT
Knee Injury/Condition
I have been an athlete all my life. When I was 14 I injured my knee sliding indoors during softball practice. After this I was in constant pain walking and my knee began to give out … Read More
Nick Ubel – Apple Valley, CA
Knee Injury/Condition
I am a below knee amputee from a motocross accident I had in September 2012. I chose HSS because it was one of the highest ranked orthopedic hospitals in the country. Read More
Kimberly Guerci – Roslyn, NY
Knee Injury/Condition
I began running in 2009 and had a goal to run the NYC marathon before I turned 50. My running had been plagued with injuries with the most severe in 2012. The injury was a … Read More
Jay Mazur – Brooklyn, NY
Shoulder Replacement
I’m a competitive tennis player. One year before my surgery, I was unable to play tennis without having severe pain . Now, two years after my surgery, I’m playing … Read More
Joyce Slayton Mitchell – Hardwick, VT
Shoulder Replacement
“We are going to give you two extra hours of free time while you are in Xi’an so you can see the Terra Cotta Soldiers.”
“I’ve already seen the Terra … Read More
Jennifer Sundt – New York, NY
ACL Injury
On the last day of 2011 ski trip I tore my right ACL when my ski caught on a small rock and came to a dead stop. I felt my right knee pull completely pull out of … Read More
James Gillson – New York, NY
Hamstring Injury/Condition
On May 6, 2011, I tripped and fell on uneven pavement. I took the fall largely on my right side, and completely avulsed my right hamstring proximally. I was fortunate … Read More
Chris Shields – Port Washington, NY
Broken Collar Bone
I was training for my first triathlon and crashed on my bicycle. I shattered my collar bone and knew that it would not just heal on its own. I was referred to Dr. Marx who put … Read More
Noelle Thew – Berkeley Heights, NJ
Knee Injury/Condition
I’ve always been an active person – swimming, dancing, cross-country skiing, hiking; you-name-it, I was up to participate. In August of 2011, when I was 19 … Read More
Carol Mowry – Moscow, PA
Knee Injury/Condition
At 46 years old I was a very enthusiastic runner and an avid skier. Unfortunately, one trip to Aspen, Colorado changed all that. I took a huge tumble on a double black … Read More
Jenna Ferrieri – Patchogue, NY
Torn Meniscus
Dr. Marx has performed arthroscopic knee surgery to both of my knees over the years. The first was to repair a torn meniscus in November 2008 and the second was to … Read More
Gary Lowenstein – Linwood, NJ
ACL Injury
I am an avid skier. I have been skiing for 40 plus years. An unfortunate accident while skiing in Utah three years ago caused a complete left knee ACL tear. Two local Orthopedic … Read More
Hershel Friedman – Wesley Hills, NY
Torn Meniscus
I am an avid hiker and lead hiking groups in the mountains of New York. Last year I had fully torn my meniscus and was off my feet. The doctors at HSS, particularly Dr. Robert Marx … Read More
Gail Wisdom – Nassau, Bahamas
Knee Replacement
Choosing Hospital for Special Surgery and meeting Dr. Robert Marx have catapulted me onto a path to pain free, quality living, and to truly getting “back in the game”. Following … Read More
Rachel Grassi – San Diego, CA
ACL Injury
I am so grateful for Dr. Marx and my good fortune to be treated at HSS. After “obliterating” my ACL in Colorado, I returned home to Las Vegas fearful that I would never ski … Read More
Niklas Manz – Brooklyn, NY
Knee Injury/Condition
I am a competitive Ballroom dancer for the last 25 years and won, for example, with the German National Team in Ballroom Formation Dancing the World Championship in 2000 … Read More
Karl Hughes – Bloomfield
Shoulder Injury/Condition
A few days before Christmas 2008 I fell down the stairs and dislocated my right shoulder. I thought it was very serious, because I was now out of work. I work … Read More
Angela Jakubowski – Kings PArk, NY
Rotator Cuff Injury / Condition
In December 2011 I fell and tore my rotator cuff pretty badly which needed surgery. My husband researched and found high marks for HSS and their staff. We consulted … Read More
Gary Elsner – FORT LEE, NJ
Rotator Cuff Injury/Condition
I came to see Dr. Marx for a second opinion after the first surgeon I met with told me I needed Rotator Cuff surgery. Dr. Marx look at film and examined me and told me … Read More
Louis Peter – New York, NY
ACL Injury
I had a horrific injury to my left knee — torn ACL and torn meniscal tissue on both sides. My “bucket handle” meniscus injury caused great swelling and made my knee virtually … Read More
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