Outcome After Knee Dislocation

Knee dislocations are limb-threatening injuries and, if not treated appropriately, may result in significant functional disability. Currently, there is a paucity of high-quality outcome studies in the literature to help… Continue reading →

Knee Rating Scales

In the past 2 decades, outcome assessment following knee surgery has focused increasingly on the patient’s perspective. While traditional measures of outcome, including physical examination, imaging studies, and measures of… Continue reading →


Calcific Tendinitis

Calcific tendinitis is a common disorder of the shoulder in which multifocal, cell-mediated calcification in or around a living tendon is usually followed by spontaneous phagocytic resorption. The tendon reconstitutes… Continue reading →

Other topics

Sports Fellowships

Several factors should go into selecting a sports medicine fellowship. These include clinical factors, research factors and team coverage experience, among others. The most important issue when selecting a sports… Continue reading →

Small Area Variation in Orthopedics

Musculoskeletal conditions are a major cause of dis- ability in the United States and consequently are respon- sible for considerable health-care expenditures.51 Epidemiologic studies have found significant variations in the… Continue reading →

Research Methodology

Research aims to reach valid conclusions through scientific enquiry. Valid conclusions can only be reached if bias is minimized or eliminated. Bias can potentially take place in the design, implementation,… Continue reading →