Fowler Society Meeting

Dr. Marx attended the Fowler Fellow Society meeting this past June at which forty of Peter Fowler’s prior fellows gathered from around the world. Dr. Peter Fowler was the first orthopedic surgical resident at the University of Western Ontario in 1969. He started a small athletic injury clinic in 1974 which has grown into one of the largest sports medicine clinics in North America, Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic. He has become an icon of sports medicine, publishing hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and dozens of book chapters. Just recently, in February 2018, Dr. Fowler was appointed the Order of Canada which is an honor that recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and service to the nation.

During Dr. Fowler’s impressive career he also became a prominent surgical educator. He has trained many young surgeons in performing cutting edge surgical techniques as well as in the art of caring for patients. His resident and fellow graduates now include many of the leaders in sports medicine. The Fowler Fellow Society meeting gathered many of his former fellows to present cases as well as their experiences and surgical techniques. The meeting was held in Victoria, British Colombia to coincide with the Canadian Orthopedic Association meeting.

Dr. Marx was the invited Visiting Professor for the meeting and he gave a talk on decision making in orthopedic surgery which emphasized the difficulties of knowing when to recommend elective surgery and when to implement new surgical technologies. Dr. Marx also gave a talk on multi-ligament knee surgery which used a variety of patient examples to demonstrate the complex surgical techniques that he utilizes to manage multi-ligament knee injuries.

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