Dr. Marx Lectures at the Annual Arthroscopy Association of North America Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, May 3, 2014

Dr. Marx was part of a distinguished panel at the Annual Arthroscopy Association of North America Meeting held recently in Hollywood, Florida. He participated in an instructional course on the treatment of the multiligament injured knee. Dr. Bruce Levy from the Mayo Clinic lectured on the initial management of the multiligament injured knee, focusing on the importance of early recognition of vascular injury. The faculty also included Dr. Greg Fanelli, the course chairman, from Danville, PA. Dr. Fanelli lectured on posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction. He demonstrated his transtibial inlay technique which he performs using a posteromedial safety incision. Dr. Jim Stannard from the University of Missouri presented on reconstruction of the MCL and posteromedial corner of the knee using a single tendon graft to reconstruct both the superficial MCL and the posterior oblique ligament.  Dr. Marx lectured on acute and chronic posterolateral corner knee injuries, focusing on surgical technique for ligament reconstruction.  He also discussed the indication for high tibial osteotomy in the chronic setting of posterolateral instability in a varus knee.


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