Cristina Genna – Allentown, PA

Shoulder Injury/Condition

Thanks to Dr. Robert Marx, Jessica Hettler, and HSS, I was able to fulfill my dream of playing for the New York Yankees. Yes, you read that correctly. After two failed shoulder surgeries at different institutions in Pennsylvania and Delaware, I came to Dr. Marx desperate to be fixed. He was confident that he could help me fulfill my dream of playing the sport I loved again. After two more surgeries and lots and lots of physical therapy, my dream came true this past January when I put on the Yankee pinstripes and participated in the Fantasy Camp for Women in Tampa, Florida.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to articulate to Dr. Marx and Jessica how grateful I am to them for never giving up on me. I am fortunate to say I am “Back in the Game” thanks to the wonderful staff at HSS. You have a lifelong cheerleader in me.

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